What you are doing here is amazing!

A worker at one of the mobile distributions was managing the line of cars, and stopped to answer a question. A lady in line rolled down her window and mentioned she had never been to a mobile distribution. She said she didn’t know exactly how it worked. The worker explained the simple process. After a moment, the lady timidly mentioned that she had 2 elderly neighbors who weren’t able to drive. She asked if it might be possible to pick up food for them, because she knew they really needed it. The worker told her, “Absolutely!” The lady immediately reached her hand out the window, grabbed the worker’s hand, and whispered, “Thank you so much. What you are doing here is amazing!”


This is for the food bank!

A woman waiting in her car in line for a mobile food distribution flagged down one of the workers and waved $40 cash out her window saying, “This is for the food bank.” The worker explained there was no fee to receive food at the mobile distribution. The woman waiting in line said she knew there was no charge for food. She explained that she wasn’t there picking up food for herself. She was picking up food for three elderly neighbors who were homebound, and they insisted on giving her gas money. She said she didn’t need the money, and wanted to donate it to the food bank where she knew it could do so much more. She said, “You have no idea how much this food helps people and means to people.”