You have no idea how much this helps!

At a produce distribution this past fall, a worker was beginning to clean up the site when a car pulled up. Two nurses from the local hospital exited the vehicle in their scrubs, and asked if they were still able to get some produce. They explained that they were on their lunch break. The worker told the nurses to help themselves. They were so excited about the corn, cabbage, cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon. As they filled their bags, they began discussing what they could do to make the produce last. They talked about freezing the corn, making soup with the cabbage, and making pickles with the cucumbers. They asked if they might be able to take some produce for fellow coworkers who couldn’t get away from the hospital, and were thrilled when they were told absolutely! They began calling their coworkers to find out what they needed, and were so appreciative and thankful for everything they received. As they got back in the car, one of the nurses exclaimed, “Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this helps!” It began raining just as they pulled away from the distribution site. They immediately circled the block and stopped back to ask the worker if she needed an umbrella or sweatshirt. Then, they offered to go get her coffee, so she could stay warm. The worker was fully prepared for the weather, but was humbled by the thoughtfulness, the generosity and the sincere appreciation of everyone she encountered that day.


You made my day!

An elderly woman stopped by a produce distribution and was excited to see everything that was available. She began filling her bags with corn, cucumbers and cabbage. Then, she saw the watermelon. She said excitedly, “I haven’t had watermelon for so long.” She leaned over in the tote to grab a watermelon, and then she realized it was too big and heavy for her to carry. She looked for a smaller watermelon, but they were all too big for her. A gentleman standing next to her saw her disappointment and immediately jumped in to help. He asked which one she wanted and offered to carry it to her car. The woman was so thankful and smiling from ear to ear as he walked with her to her vehicle. He even took the time to ask her if she would be able to get it into her house. She assured him that her neighbor would help her. As he walked away, she stopped him and said, “You made this old lady’s day!”