You Have No Idea What This Means to My Family

This is what a married mother of four young children near tears whispered to a worker while in line for a recent mobile food drop in Bagley. She explained that she and her husband both worked, but the high cost of daycare, and the increasing food and gas prices made it a struggle to get by day to day. She was so thankful and appreciative for the additional food, and tears were streaming down her face as the volunteers threw in a few extra bags of cereal for the kids.


Thank You and God Bless You

After a recent mobile food distribution in Ada, a sweet elderly lady called the office. She just wanted to say, “Thank you and God bless you for the work you do and the help you provide.” She was thrilled about the food she had received and said the timing could not have been better for her. She mentioned that it is getting harder and harder to stretch her fixed income to cover her expenses each month, and the food really helped at a time when she needed it. And, just before hanging up, she asked if we knew when the truck might be rolling back through town again.


Can we help at all the mobile food drops?

A mom and her four school-aged children showed up to volunteer at a mobile drop in Bemijdi, where typically 400-500 families are served in under 1.5 hours. Those four kids out worked most of the adults at the distribution, and had a fantastic time doing it. They were cheerful, kind, and diligent in making sure they put enough food in each car. Near the end of the distribution, one of the young ones asked a worker if they could help at all the mobile drops. The answer was a resounding YES! But, don’t worry. The kids did not go home empty-handed. As a reward for their efforts, our truck driver let them take home some of the large cardboard totes–to build a fort, of course.